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World Angus Secretariat, Mexico 2015

An international gathering of Angus breeders takes place Oct. 12-25 in Mexico.


The Mexican Angus Association is hosting an event in mid-October that promises to feature the beautiful Mexican countryside alongside Angus cattle.

The World Angus Secretariat, an organization of more than 20 Angus breed associations worldwide, will conduct its biennial meeting to discuss the latest breed information and technological advances – as well as tour some of the region’s locales and, of course, prized breeding stock.

“We anticipate the presence of delegations from 22 member countries, plus other invited nations,” says Billy Estrada, Mexican Angus Association president. “We are very proud to host this important event, which is an unprecedented happening for the livestock industry in Mexico.”

The Mexican Angus Association will host the 2015 event Oct. 12-25 in the Chihuahua, Durango and Mazatlán-Sinaloa regions, and the American Angus Association® encourages its membership to consider attending this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The World Angus Secretariat will include a technical meeting, educational workshops, youth programs, Angus cattle auctions, commercial exhibits, social events and ranch tours, as well as pre- and post event tours for individuals or families.

“Mexico has a geography that is really unique because we can go from the really high desert to the really cold mountains, and then we go to tropical land,” Estrada says. “And we are raising Angus cattle in all those different places.”

Participants will be in Chihuahua Oct. 14-18, where they will explore the northern part of Mexico by visiting ranches and enjoying social events that showcase the local flavor.

From Oct. 18-22, international attendees will travel to Durango for the Mexican Angus Association’s national cattle show, youth events and a city tour. In addition, there will be a cattle auction featuring selected champions that will take place at the Hacienda Dolores. A catalog will be printed with information in both Spanish and English.

During the final leg of the tour, Oct. 22-25, the group travels to Mazatlán-Sinaloa for the technical meetings, delegate forum and workshops at the convention center.

“Then we are going to end up in Mazatlán, which is a really nice beach, where we are going to have all the conferences, all the speeches, and all the technical part of the Secretariat,” Estrada says. “It’s going to be a pleasure for us, we are very excited to host this event.”

The Grand Closing Dinner is an event highlight, which takes place at the International Mazatlan Center with traditional Mexican entertainment, dances and menu. The evening will conclude with a special fireworks display.

There’s still time to sign up for the 2015 World Angus Secretariat Meeting. Visit for more information about how to join the U.S. delegation.



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