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International Registration Open for World Ag Expo 2011

TULARE, Calif., (July 27, 2010) - International registration is now open for those planning to attend World Ag Expo, scheduled for February 8-10, 2011, in Tulare, Calif.
"We welcome our international visitors from all over the world," said Jerry Sinift, CEO of the International Agri-Center. "In 2010, we were very pleased to welcome over 1,100 international guests from 80 countries."

Out of the more than 1,100 registered international guests, more than 100 attendees attended the 2010 Expo from each of these three countries; Mexico, Canada and Iran. There were also more than 200 exhibitors from Canada and 17 exhibitors from Israel.

To register as an international guest, attendees need to first go online to and answer a list of questions which will then be used to generate a Letter of Invitation. Once the process is complete, the letter will be automatically generated and e-mailed to the applicant. International guests can use the letter as compelling evidence for immigration officials to issue a passport.

At the Expo, international attendees are welcome to visit the International Business Center open each day on the second floor of the Heritage Complex. There, guests will find a variety of free services including matching U.S. companies with international buyers, export agreements, international distributors and interpreting services.

Also on Wednesday, Feb. 9, World Ag Expo will host an International Reception in the Heritage Complex Banquet Hall. Invitations for this private event can be picked up in the International Business Center during the Expo.

Additional information about International Letters of Invitation and World Ag Expo registration can be found at

Steven Knudsen, director of communications
International Agri-Center
559-688-1030, ext. 221

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