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Alltech Purchases Lienert Australia, Pty. Ltd. to Strengthen On-Farm Support Services in Australia

ADELAIDE, Australia (Sept. 24, 2014) — As part of its strategy to strengthen its support of agriculture at the local level, global animal nutrition leader Alltech is proud to welcome Lienert Australia Pty. Ltd., a leading Australian premix manufacturer and feed ingredient supplier, to its corporate family. The acquisition of Lienert Australia Pty. Ltd., finalized Sept. 24, has the full support of both companies and is built upon two decades of friendship and business partnership.


Alltech has purchased 100% of the shares in Lienert Australia from the Lienert family. This move solidifies their long-term partnership in providing greater local on-farm support to Australian farmers to make their operations more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Both companies’ foremost commitment is to customers throughout the food chain, providing farmers with tailored solutions and local support as they shoulder the responsibility of feeding the population.


Both Lienert Australia and Alltech are family-owned businesses dedicated to bringing nutritional solutions to the farm and food industry. For more than 40 years, Lienert Australia has manufactured, distributed and supplied ingredients, supplements and nutritional advice to the livestock and feedstock industries within Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Their clients range from small family farms to integrated operations and commercial feed mills.


Lienert Australia and Alltech have much in common from a fervent commitment to quality to utilizing and researching the latest technologies. These core practices are driven by another shared pledge: supporting the work of farmers as they endeavor to produce food more efficiently to supply an ever-increasing demand for safety, quality and quantity, affordably.


“Australia’s influence on the food chain extends far beyond its geographical borders, and the acquisition of Lienert Australia underscores Alltech’s long-term commitment to strong, sustainable agriculture as well as food quality and safety within the entire Asia-Pacific region,” said Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech


The Alltech acquisition of Lienert Australia will enable the companies to collaborate on research, production and distribution, strengthening their ability to provide farmers and members of the food chain with the latest in natural, nutritional technology.


Lienert Australia’s distribution fleet covers most agricultural regions of Australia, and its premix manufacturing plants are GMP accredited facilities equipped to accommodate a broad range of manufactured products. Lienert Australia is licensed to manufacture veterinary chemical products and controlled substances by the Australia Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), and has a registered quality management system to the HACCP standard with Feedsafe Accreditation & AS4801 OHS Accreditation.


Lienert Australia will benefit from Alltech’s global operations in 128 countries and extensive team of scientists, nutritionists and marketing experts; 43 production facilities that meet or exceed all international and regional quality standards; and its primacy in science. Alltech has three major bioscience centers, complemented by 20 formal research alliances with leading universities and research institutions around the world, from Uruguay to China.


“We are delighted that Alltech, another family business and a leader in its field, with similar values and the same determination to succeed, will be taking the business further forward to realize its full potential and build upon recent investments in both the manufacturing facility and the team,” said Nick Lienert, managing director, Lienert Australia, Pty. Ltd.


Previously represented by a distributor, Alltech has operated as a private company in Australia since 1997 and has been recognized within the continent for its nutritional innovations, as well as its educational and philanthropic endeavors. Its annual Alltech Young Scientist Award competition recognizing student research receives more than 8,000 entries worldwide, with regular participation from Australia.


About Lienert Australia: For more than 40 years, Lienert Australia has manufactured, distributed and supplied ingredients, supplements and nutritional advice to the livestock and feedstock industries within Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Their clients range from small family farms to commercial feed mills. Lienert Australia specializes in the formulation, blending, packaging and distribution of a complete range of premixes, concentrates and supplements for the animal feed industry. Customers are supported through complimentary feed formulation; technical, personalized consultation by Lienert Australia’s team of nutritionists with extensive experience across species and operations; and efficient on-farm delivery.


About Alltech: Founded by Dr. Pearse Lyons in 1980, and headquartered in Kentucky, USA, Alltech provides natural, nutritional solutions to the food and feed industries in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region with a business presence in 128 countries. Its mission is supported by 3,500 employees. Alltech’s global presence is also reflected in its research and production, including three major Bioscience Centers in the USA and Ireland, and 43 production facilities strategically located throughout the world.


Alltech improves health and performance by adding nutritional value naturally through its innovative use of yeast fermentation, enzyme technology, algae and nutrigenomics. Its pursuit of this mission is guided by its founding ACE principle, a promise that in doing business the company has a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment.


Alltech is the only privately held company among the top 10 animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing Alltech to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives. The flexibility has also fuelled Alltech’s growth, which has been approximately 20-25% annually. Alltech has achieved $1 billion in sales and is on target to achieve $4 billion by 2016.

Alltech Australia is part of the Alltech group of companies owned by the family of Pearse Lyons. Alltech’s primacy in science ensures cutting edge, natural technologies available for producers to increase profitability and significantly enhance animal performance.


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