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Alltech Leads the Way in Animal Nutrition Once Again With Yea-Sacc®

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland] –Alltech, a global animal health and nutrition leader, has once again gained EU Commission approval for its feed additive Yea-Sacc®, the product which launched the company nearly 35 years ago. The Commission’s authorization of Yea-Sacc, for use in ruminant diets for a further ten years, is based on new trials submitted by Alltech that demonstrate the consistency of the products results, yet to be matched in the marketplace. Yea-Sacc was first developed by Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech founder and president, and is a preparation of a strain of brewer’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

“We are delighted to welcome the extension of use by the European Commission for Yea-Sacc which highlights recognition of the significant increase in animal response in both dairy and beef animals,” said Kevin Tuck, managing director, Alltech Ireland. “The Commission’s approval also demonstrates our continued commitment to research and Yea-Sacc’s proven efficiency and consistency in performance, as they grant its use for minor ruminant species such as sheep, goats and buffalo.”

This latest European Commission approval for Yea-Sacc reaffirms the product's standing as the most widely accredited yeast culture on the market, being officially authorized for all classes of ruminant, both major and minor. Alltech takes pride in the fact that the Yea-Sacc renewal authorization provides exact and consistent messaging to producers regarding usage rates, the rate used in all the new trial submissions remains unchanged and consistent with previous authorizations and recommendations. The extension for use also included provision for stability of use in pelleting diets at both 60°and 70°C.

“Alltech takes pride in the extensive research it continually conducts” said Colm Moran, Alltech European regulatory director. “It is widely known that Europe has one of the strictest regulatory approval systems in the world for animal feed and food production. This approval confirms the Commission’s original recommendations. Yea-Sacc is backed with years of extensive scientific research conducted in collaboration with leading universities and research authorities here in Europe and around the world.”

This news comes on the back of recent company announcements such as the acquisition of Lienert Australia, Pty. Ltd. and Alltech’s 37+TM Mycotoxin Analysis Program earning a 2014 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award. 2015 will mark Alltech's 35th year in the food and feed business and Alltech remains committed to quality, both in research and its product and solutions range. In the span of its 34 years, Alltech has grown into a multinational company with a presence in 128 countries around the world and a workforce of more than 3,500 employees.





















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